Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hey You
Co-Founder, DevOps Research Management
Wetware, Software, Hardware

Responsive Engineering

Mt. Zed eMotoSports Community (Mt. Zed, IM)
Working to reach social and monetary capitalization needed to found:
Anarcho Pacifica
A Federated Union for Cooperative Living
Baically a cooperative for cooperative capitalists, worker-owned and operated businesses and communities mutually contributing to a Coordinate ie coordinating community of practice based on a technocratic implementation of sociocracy.


Psycho-Social Ecology, Socially Informed Design, Experience Design, Community Development, Critical Infrastructure Design, Development, and Management.

Cosmology, Celestial Mechanics, Astrophysics, Quantum Physics

Ancient Mythology, Linguistics, Origins of Belief

Graphic Design, Music Composition, Culinary Art, Asian Kite Building and Flying

MotoSports: Motorcycles primarily. Currently transitioning to elektro motive bikes. I’m very much into the art and artisanship of all aspects of motorcycles.

I am an unapologetic Social Justice Warrior Princess with a special interest in supporting the transsexual segment of the transgender spectrum, particularly young people of colour.

I was born autistic. Not the warm, fuzzy, socially acceptable, high functioning people with Asperger’s but the social and face blind Autistic that brings out that part of most people that can’t help mind-fucking unlovely people like me.

I lead an almost monastic existance, never had a bff or anything like it. Every few years the desire for human society drives me to try making friends which I never achieve. I’m 60-years old and I’ve known I would live and die alone, all my life. I can’t mention it without a chorus of people telling me there is someone for everyone, just focus on living, don’t look for that special person and one day they will show up. Obviously, that is complete bullshit.

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  • Job Title: Co-Founder, Director Experience Design
  • Employer: SUBVS.US Corp
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