Quick ways to eliminate kitchen insects.
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The problems and difficulties faced by housewives, especially in the summer are insects and reptiles, especially ants, cockroaches and other reptiles, which cause discomfort to humans because of bites for him and for children especially, and spread constantly in places such as narrow bathrooms and kitchens, especially if there is garbage in the place they spread microbes and diseases If they are found in a large place, they are spread more in contaminated places and these insects are also frequent in hot places. Housewives should always clean the houses so that these annoying nuisance insects do not multiply so that family members can live without disease or pollution caused by this. Insects When the women kill these insects, they escape in narrow places and after a short period of time due again because of the use of toxic chemical pesticides effective to kill these insects may harm children sometimes because it smells foul and cause a danger to human life, especially pregnant women, we must use some recipes There are many ways to eliminate these insects from the house. What if your kitchen is unclean? Insects always reside in it. They run away in the garbage basket in the majority. You have to find any holes or openings in the walls of your house. In the kitchen or bathroom you bridging or close even insects do not run away inside these insects go panic and fear inside especially children and upset them adults The evidence for the presence of these insects are present in the house evidence of the neglect of the housewife on the adequate cleanliness of this place we recommend these wonderful recipes

How to protect the home from insects.

The six houses should take care of the cleanliness of the house on a daily basis, especially the kitchen and the bathroom. Do not leave the garbage bin filled with rubbish, but you should dispose of it every day and wash it all the time until the cracks of the house inside the walls are closed and the windows are open daily for ventilation and the surfaces are always cleaned like the surface of the kitchen, Kitchen furniture so as not to come any insects inside the need for continuous ventilation in the winter, especially even an hour a day until the intervention of the sun and purify it and keep the cleanliness of the bathroom and cleaning the basins always because all these things completely away from the entry of these insects Home

Recipe for getting rid of cockroaches

Bring a box of boric acid in the pharmacies and the amount of flour and a little sugar in a bowl and mix the mixture well so that the mixture is such a decent Put this mixture under the stove and under the kitchen and wooden refrigerator and next to the kitchen walls and around the garbage basket and where there are insects crawling then you will notice the results Wonderful to kill these reptiles reverberated from the house altogether taking into account after this mixture about children because it is a poisonous and lethal mixture Be careful

A recipe for getting rid of the law

The mosquito comes from the insects that come in the summer, it is annoying for the house and for the children especially because its characteristics bite the human body, it comes from the water of canals and planting and also comes when the place is unclean, such as dumping water used to clean anything in the streets. Of them are natural ways is to bring a national package of beautiful mint with a fragrant fragrant aroma and then boil the mint for a long time and then liquidate and put in a spray and spray the whole house This recipe expels the law or kill it and also earned a fragrant smell at home

A recipe to eliminate flies.

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Flies of insects that cause boredom to people It is usual that they do the sound of annoying noise and may cause some diseases inside the house to say the Prophet peace be upon him Wing fly one disease and the second medicine, we must get rid of flies from the house in many ways, such as closing windows House by wire so that we do not allow him to enter if found at home these recipes are eliminated so that the house free of diseases

Use the milk of the male and then put it on the lid of the box in the heat and put it on a low fire so smoke out of this smoke expel flies from the house and cause him to compel the place in it, taking care that the windows of the house be open until it comes out

Second recipe.

Put in your home some plants with a beautiful smell, these insects do not like any fragrant smell like mint or basil plant, these plants have the ability thanks to God to escape these insects from the house Put these flowers in all rooms and in the kitchen there are many companies competent in this matter you should Contact the pest control company, it will control these insects from the house completely to their ability to pesticides with them and we will analyze every way to eliminate them, they may cause some diseases to members of the house must be eliminated in order to live in a clean environment without diseases and in a healthy atmosphere you Clean house Finding fault

How to get rid of ants

Ants appear in the summer always because in the winter works Bayat winter is it shows in the summer to raise the temperature is looking for places where there is no sun, so enter the houses and especially places are clean, it is located in the garbage basket and sugar areas, we must get rid of it even if the escape The housewife must wipe the house with soap and water mixed with white vinegar water. It can eliminate the ants inside the house or the kitchen, especially or anywhere in the house. It is also possible that Use spices with a scented smell These like black pepper and desirable to be a spice oils even Tsttiei that evaluating and diminishing in place it confined spaces in the kitchen next to the trash then so do not Chahidi these insects again

Baby powder can also be made on the escape of ants from the house or chalk schools put it around the walls is also a recipe that is also feared ants beer yeast folk

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