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WordPress Origin Story

I started by writing HTML pages on Notepad. I LOVED IT. I started dreaming in HTML code, but as the Internet evolved, I wanted to add some functionality that simply wasn’t there with HTML, and it seemed like too much of a feat to learn PHP from the scratch considering all the stuff that could be done with ready-made scripts. (I kinda regret not learning.)
For a long while, I fought against WordPress though. I couldn’t theme it properly, and I loved creating my own themes in HTML. My websites were unique, something that I felt WordPress was lacking, you could always look at a website and you’d instantly know it was WP. I didn’t like that, but the functional side of it won me over, and at first, I used ready made templates just like everyone else but could NOT fall in love with my websites anymore as they were boring to look at.
Then, I finally forced myself to figure it out… It was like a 2-day job in the end. Of course, I’m still learning every day, but at least I can make my websites look like they’re my own creation. Currently, I’m using one of my favorite themes on freaking everything, it’s as simple as themes come, but I just like it. My usual style was ELABORATE, but now I’ve just gone plain white with shadows here and there, and it seems to just calm things down so I’m a little disappointed and relaxed at the same time. 😀
Anyway. That’s the story. 🙂