GIF-ANIMATION IN the CONTEXT of PROBLEMS associated with CONTEMPORARY SCREEN ART Dear reader this article tells the story of GIF animation, it is not art, and scientific work. At the end of the article I’ll give a link to an interesting site which provides relevant enough animation for our time. But to You it was not boring to read I will add a funny GIF animated images. ANIMATION IN the CONTEXT of Problems of MODERN SCREEN ART the Article is devoted to gif animations, one of the types of contemporary computer art. We study the problem of the foundations of art criticism. gif animation. These grounds are defined in the agreement with the mathematically-based nature of digital art and are discussed in the framework of modern theories of screen art, based on the recognition of the discreteness (kvantovoi) display view and its associated concept of metadiscourse. In the article different pixel photographic and gif animation as two options for the existence of basic parameters of a digital image.

Keywords: digital image, pixel and photographic gif animation, quantum nature of technical representation, subsemilattices border, metadiscourse. Digital technologies are fundamentally changing the traditional order of production and consumption of visual images.

Digital photos and computer graphics have their place in the design of printed materials, websites, computer games. Combined with the fact they have an impact on our understanding of the plastic arts, changing the ways prof artist and expanding the area of Amateur art. This, in our eyes, especially fundamentally, so how in-1’s, discovers the danger of distinction of art and imitation art critic and exposes you to some risk, already seemingly eliminated in evaluation of traditional painting and analog photos.

In-2, change of technology art in the twentieth century, in fact there is a change of ontology, in other words the nature of computer art and graphics is quite different, if the nature of the traditional fine arts, associated with physicality of their own materials and tools. Because of this special nature program for generating digital images simplify and accelerate the creative process: challenging acts of doubt, choice, samples, cancelled and a new selection of even the most primary element of the artwork — strip teardrop mixed color, disposition and direction of the stroke, a mixture of pigment — integrated microelectronic circuit.

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