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Founded in 2007, Mice and Pen Inc. signifies the essence of digital graphics which is everything that can created with either a computer mouse or digital pen. It also references Steinbeck’s famous book Of Mice and Men. With an extensive background in PHP/MySQL web development for over 10 years, we have evolved with the internet from creating websites to building web applications. We also build mobile applications, own various domains, and develop our own proprietary websites:



music, computer programming, writing

WordPress Origin Story

I first discovered WordPress 2.0 when it began to gain popularity as an overall content management system rather than just a blog engine. Over the years I’ve watched it follow Web 2.0 trends while increasing user-friendliness and ease of use. I’ve used Drupal, Expression Engine and Joomla. WordPress has gone a long way and remains as my top choice when building websites that clients can use.