I was born and raised in Germany, before I moved to the U.S. in 1991. I started to learn HTML when the Internet became popular in the mid 90s. I remember the days when the blazing-speed 56k dial-up modems were standard to surf the web. Keeping your files as small as possible used to be essential for a great user experience – less is more. This is still valid today! Since 2012 I’m back in Berlin, Germany. I’m happy to provide my clients with my many years of experience to build better websites.


Travel, Music, Photography, Art, Science, New Gadgets and Inventions

WordPress Origin Story

I used to create Websites using HTML, CSS and PHP early on. In 2008 I became a fan of WordPress Website development. I gave WP introductory classes to small and medium size business owners. Now I’m excited to start developing some useful plugins myself.

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