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Gregory McMullen is a husband, dad, dog owner, web developer and M.Ed candidate at Xavier University.


Web Development, PHP, C#, ColdFusion, SCSS, HTML5

WordPress Origin Story

In 2006, I started working for Xavier University as a student web developer. Most of my projects relied on basic HTML and CSS, however some projects allowed me to venture into ColdFusion. As I started to approach graduation in 2009 I started talking to the web developer and he recommended that I checkout PHP.

As time went on, I realized some projects required a more robust system than just static HTML and minor PHP builds. I started working with WordPress and have used it for my personal website for years (at one point changing to Drupal for about 6 months).

While Drupal offered great functionality, I’ve felt that WordPress provides an easier to use interface for non web people and I have used it in numerous web projects over the past few years.