I’m an aspiring UX/UI Designer with a strong passion for both Graphic Design and WordPress. Currently enrolled in the Computer Science program at Kibo School, I’m driven to expand my expertise in inclusive design. My goal is to develop solutions that empower a wide range of users through accessible and inclusive design principles.


Hiking, bird-watching, Patient Advocacy, Wildlife Conservation

WordPress Origin Story

My journey with WordPress began through my passion for writing blogs and ensuring that companies had up-to-date content. Over time, I transitioned to designing WordPress websites, and what really captivated me was the incredibly user-friendly interface that the CMS offers. This feature not only streamlined my work but also made it simple to train my clients during the handover process. It’s amazing how WordPress has evolved to empower both content creators and designers like myself.


Maryanne Njuguna contributes 3 hours per week to the following teams: Accessibility, Design, Marketing, Mobile, and Training.

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  • Job Title: UI/UX Designer • Web Designer • Computer Science Student • Narcolepsy Patient Advocate
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