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HattersTime – At that time you should fold your napkin in half or quarters and neatly place it on the table to the right side of your plate. Visit your local music retailer for specific suggestions Whatever they find they can keep or trade. First of all, things don’t have to match, or be traditional in order to be charming. serve such as a fruity tea for the beach party or bubbleMusicMusic selections for your parties can vary greatly.make it easy on yourself, look for compilation CDs thatA CD of soft love songs is a great choice for an You may enjoy it so much you will make it an ongoing family tradition.Has hosting a tea party been one of your holiday traditions over the years? Will the economic crisis of 2008 cancel you party? Here are some ways for you to share the spirit of the holiday season without breaking the bank. Suggest hosting a holiday tea party together as a group by phone or email (no cost for invitations sent)2. If you are a coffee lover, then include coffee in your tea party bridal shower or tea wedding reception.