Retired engineer and surveyor fulfilling my lifetime goal to be an accomplished watercolor artist. I work in larger paper or plaster formats in studio and medium sizes en plein air. My favorite subjects are mountains and coasts. Because of my education and career, I feel qualified to take up the challenge of painting mountains. After studying shape and shadow, I developed my unique art of three dimensional watercolor paintings on plaster with low angle lighting to accurately simulate sun shading. The watercolor painting is warm nearest the light (south) and cools toward the top (north). Having been raised in Tucson, I know the light and bare look of the desert. The painting shown in different stages is called Desert Shadows (shadowbox #1). The shadowbox maintains the directed light which is battery powered and operated by remote control. Everything is my own unique design.


I love visiting with people about their families. My kids and I have started Family Tree Tops as a unique way to view family trees – from the top! Family Tree Tops shows contemporary generations of cousins, nieces and nephews. It’s much easier to see how we all fit by using date rings. The trees look natural. Generations (branches) grow outward from great grand parents in the center.

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