Engaging in WordPress development for a substantial period, I’ve developed a passion for crafting dynamic websites and unique solutions. Specializing in both site development and plugin creation, I take pleasure in contributing to projects that uplift the global WordPress community. Proficient in PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, my dedication to staying current allows me to offer cutting-edge solutions. I firmly believe in the potential of open-source to create positive change, fueling my commitment to efficiency, client satisfaction, and surpassing expectations in every project.


I have a keen interest in web development and plugin creation, constantly exploring new programming languages. I enjoy connecting with people face-to-face and personally find joy in activities like listening to music, singing, crafting stories, and cooking.

WordPress Origin Story

My WordPress journey began after landing my first job through a campus interview. My initial project involved crafting a website for a school using theme customization. As I delved deeper, I expanded my horizons by developing websites in various languages. Transitioning into the realm of plugins, I created numerous tools for internal use within the digital marketing company I was part of.

Eager to broaden my skills, I ventured into WooCommerce, delving into its functionalities and crafting plugins tailored to enhance its capabilities. I further enriched my WordPress expertise by exploring the WordPress REST API, contributing to the development of applications. This exploration added another layer to my skill set, allowing me to seamlessly integrate WordPress functionalities into innovative and dynamic applications.

Contributions Sponsored

manikandang contributes 2 hours per week to the following teams: Community, Core, Documentation, Photos, Polyglots, and Support.

  • Member Since: April 6th, 2023
  • Location: Kochi
  • GitHub: manikandang-hub
  • Job Title: WordPress/PHP developer.
  • Employer: WebToffee
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Deutsch (German) Translation Contributor - #de_DE

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