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WordPress Origin Story

Hello everyone and welcome to Madcashcentral Advertising Pages Exchange. I started this website way back in 2004 at first as a (html) website building excersize and a means to advertise mostly through textlinks and banners some advertising, affiliate, traffic exchange, HYIP programs etc.., i was involved with at the time. As most starting entrepreneurs I went through a steap learning curve. I bought in to some of the promisses certain programs and websites made about building a business, PLR (Private Label Resell rights) products, making money through High Yield Investment Programs … you name it, I probably tried it at one point or another. And yes some did deliver on their promisses, and sometimes even beyond! Others were merely another attempt at ripping you off or amateurs not (yet) capable enough to run an Online Business or exactly sure what their goals were for their website, a bit like I myself was at that stage!

After a while I started thinking to myself why join other programs / websites when you can build your own? So I bought a readymade PHP script and transformed Madcashcentral into an Advertising website where people could advertise through Banners,Header & Footer Ads,Hotlinks,Solo Emails & Text Link Ads. After that I created a whole range of websites pertaining to the Advertising and Marketing sector of the internet like the ones you see below. As I had previously learned to program in Basic, Visual Basic, HTML and other languages I wanted to to be able to improve and update the sites myself so in those following years I learned alot about programming in php and working with databases such as MySQL because that was what my websites were buildt with. I ran those sites for a number of years and I made some money… it wasn’t a lot… I could just about cover costs! But it was a lot of fun and a lot of long nights…

After running the sites for a while I found that I was interested in broadening my horizon and expanding into other territories, so once again I transformed Madcashcentral, this time into the Blog site that you now see before you, and created other sites like studio4tunes.com, a Traffic Exchange. This time I was very purpose driven and had made a good plan on how to make the sites popular among internet users looking for advertising and marketing pointers, tips, tools and resources. At some point I had to stop working the sites and internet business for a while due to personal circumstances, so they were left unmanaged and some sites were lost due to not being able to renew the domains at the hosting company. Some time ago I started to update the sites that remained and working on the internet again and with great pleasure I discoverd that Madcashcentral A.P.E. blog had hit a whopping 35.000 subsribers, and other sites performed very well also in member count and usage. I will be adding some more sections to this site where I will share some of the Nuggets of wisdom and business savy that I was lucky enough to have learned along the way, as well as some of my personal favorite’s in the internet advertising and marketing niche. They will include programs and sites that I am currently using (again) myself to build and run an Internet Business.