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Run a small computer / web company in the Raleigh NC.

WordPress Origin Story

Discovered WordPress in 2009 or so after years of doing hand-coded sites mostly in Classic ASP. Used some DotNetNuke and found it not nearly as useful as I later discovered WordPress to be. WordPress entered my little realm and I haven’t looked back 🙂 Things that used to take me a week to hand-code are either already IN WordPress, or there’s a plugin that can be installed in seconds. Even more, when I had all that hand-coded stuff out there, should there be a new browser release, or changes to some standards, it created a whole LOT of hand rework on each of the sites. If you have one site, that’s workable. When you have 100+ – it’s not.

It’s allowed me to expand my web services immensely, decrease work times for new sites and generally be a whole LOT more productive.

WordPress is the greatest thing since sliced bread for me. It’s all that. And a bag of chips.