How A Platform Bed Can Relieve Your Neck Pain

Conventional knowledge has been that a platform bed can greatly alleviate back and neck pain. According to a survey done in 2016, people suffering from back, neck pain, and arthritis feel greatly relieved when sleeping on a platform bed. This is especially factored when an adjustable air mattress is used to provide room for controlling firmness at different points in the bed.

The most significant benefit of using an adjustable bed to alleviate back pain is that it wholly supports the spinal cord, which is the main area that induces neck and back pain. In this piece, we’ve dug out the most noteworthy features of a platform bed that reduces neck pain.

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1) Enabling You To Use A Pillow

Different people have their unique ways of sleeping, ranging from the back sleeper to the side sleeper and back sleeper. Sleeping on a platform bed can alleviate the pain that comes from misaligning the natural curve of your neck by failing to use a pillow when sleeping.

Back sleepers can comfortably use a thin pad while side sleepers need an incredibly large pillow. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, require a pillow that is ultra-slim, to provide proper alignment of the spinal cord and reduce the pain on the cervical spine. A platform bed can accommodate all three sleeping styles, considering that other standard beds can only give limited options. This variety is incredibly essential in reducing neck pain.

2) Exercising And Stretching The Neck

This factor is often overlooked, but it’s one of the significant ways of reducing neck pain. Doing a couple of sets to strengthen the neck muscles would significantly be beneficial in alleviating neck pain. So how does a platform bed come in when it comes to exercising neck muscles? Well, the foundation provides an avenue for continuous stretching and using these muscles, on a flat surface. For instance, one of the most straightforward exercises is the chin tuck exercise that aligns the neck muscles with the cervical vertebrae. This significantly contributes to alleviating neck muscle pain.

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3) Carrying Weight Evenly

One common mistake that people make when sleeping has uneven weight distribution over their bodies. Some areas have excess weight, while the remaining parts have minimal to zero weight. This unequal load distribution can make muscle strain and even cause significant misalignments in your spine and cervical vertebrae. A platform bed provides a surface for even weight distribution and enhances the excellent alignment of your neck and back muscles. Overall, neck pain gradually reduces, and you start having a normal alignment after the pain has wholly been alleviated.


Neck pain can be a significant cause of having inadequate sleep and an irregular sleeping pattern. This often leads to difficulty in finding sleep at night and less productivity during the day. Sufficient rest is critical for having a good lifestyle, and can significantly be jeopardized by experiencing back pain. A platform bed is undoubtedly one way to solve this problem. It is essential to find a platform bed that suits you well to alleviate any possibility of neck pain.

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