WP businesses could sell way more…. We did 17M in WP sales. Curious to learn how?

Discover why the best products/services often get beat by competitors, and what you can do about it.

In 1987 my business partner Robert started his first business. He made great software for all kinds of industries, from education to video editing.

But even though his software had better features, and was easier to use than what the competitors offered, he still didn’t manage to sell a lot.

It was enough to live off, but it never became really successful. And a few years later, he quit his business.

He had given up his ambition of becoming a successful entrepreneur, when someone challenged him to become a millionaire.

He accepted the challenge, and started a new business in web hosting.

But he knew he had to do something different from what he had tried before if he was going to succeed…

He thought about it and concluded that marketing is the most important reason businesses become successful, not making the best product/service.

Because the best products/services often lose to competitors with better marketing.

He started focussing in on it, trying different marketing strategies and ideas. But he quickly realized that most marketing doesn’t work that well.

That’s because most businesses assume the best way to convince potential customers to buy, is by getting in their face and talking about how great their product or service is.

He discovered you sell way more if you just answer their #1 question: “What’s in it for me?”

It’s so simple, that it almost always gets overlooked, which costs countless sales… Often businesses talk about themselves, how great their products/services are and what they want to achieve.

But your potential customers are way more interested in themselves and solving the problem they’re facing. By talking about what they want, and how your product/service solves their problem, you can sell way more.

Robert understood that and made sure all his marketing efforts focussed on answering this 1 question, and it paid off…

After 3 years, his business had grown to 10 employees, and generated over 1 million in sales a year.

A few years ago, Robert sold his share of the company to his business partner to start something new.

Now Robert and I help other (WP) businesses grow their sales by applying the same marketing strategies that made his hosting business so successful.

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