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How to buy the right denim jacket

The jean jacket is a long-time staple in men’s wear. For many years it represented a certain breed of man that was surely not to mess with. These days, denim jackets have a more versatile use and they are being worn by leaders and visionaries all over the broad men’s fashion spectrum. A good denim jacket can make any man stand out from the crowd and mark them as a man who understands how to dress well.

There are many great looks you can put together with a nice denim jacket. You can wear them in the summer with a casual look or in the colder months with a more done up presence. There is always a way to incorporate a nice jean jacket into your wardrobe if you have found yourself one that works well for you. The best part is that when you can find a nice denim jacket – we suggest the new Ksubi Denim Jackets, just sayin’ – they are tough as nails. They won’t rip unless you slide out on a Harley and even then, they have been known to stand the test of time.

So why are denim jackets so popular?

As we mentioned before: Versatility.

They can be worn any season and for any reason. A good imagination and a solid base of high-quality pieces is exactly the difference between a man who gets looked at as stylish and a man who get looked at as didn’t make an effort. You can beat these jackets up, put them away wet, yell at them, tell them you don’t love them anymore, and they will still come back looking better than ever. 

We don’t condone the mistreatment and psychological tormenting of your clothing by the way, we just want to make sure we cover all the bases for anyone who may read this. Another huge reason that denim jackets are getting so much attention these days is because they just look damn nice. A solid quality denim jacket can fire up your sense of spirit and get you moving in the right direction before you even head out the door. 

They can be worn on top of a plain white T and still give an air of effortless style sense. You can find perfect fits that are similar to a nice pair of jeans and compliment your style better than any jacket you currently own. If you find one you love but the fit isn’t just right don’t fret over it. Your local tailor can absolutely put it in its place.

Here are a couple of insider tips on how to take a denim jacket and get the most use out of it:

1. Tip #1: Getting the right fit

It’s no surprise that the right fit can make or break an outfit. Having clothes that fit you is a sign of maturity and comfort in yourself. It says “I know what I look like, I like what I look like, and here’s a damn beautiful look on top of that.” If you can nail the fit the rest is just fun and variation. The classic fit of a jean jacket is a safe bet whenever you purchase one. A good rule of thumb is that it stops right around the waist. 

This is the classic look at the one most people recognize with the denim jacket. Some of the more fashion forward have been playing with oversized looks as well but this can quickly go south if you are not careful and planning your looks properly. The oversized fit takes a bit of finessing. Then there the slim fit. This is also a bit less of a safe play as you need to make sure you like how it fits. Too slim and you have yourself a brand new beautiful straight jacket courtesy of the high-end denim strength. The right fit: something that hugs your body in a way that surely will gain attention.

2. Tip #2: Layers on layers on layers on layers

Layering these jackets is a huge part of what makes them so valuable. There’s an infinite amount of looks one can utilize with a solid denim jacket. A simple plain white tee will always suffice but if you really want to turn it up there’s a plethora of looks that stand out. At the beginning of the warm season try throwing one on top of a short sleeve knit shirt. When temperatures start to drop don’t worry, there’s a look for that too. Feel free to wear it under a large top coat for an extra sense of subtle style even on those cold December mornings. 

3. Tip #3: More denim, why not?

This is also known as the Canadian tuxedo but it has its place as a very solid and laid-back look. If your jacket is dark wear it on top of light jeans. If you jacket is light do the opposite. A nice pair of shoes will make you look slicker than Greece lightning and feel better dressed than most. This classic style has made itself onto the streets of Vancouver and has a pleasant look if worn properly.

4. Tip #4: Wear it to bed

Okay well not literally if you don’t want to. The point here is that like any denim it will distress and end up looking like it was made just for you. This is a look you can’t ignore. Jealously is a word that comes to mind when I see someone with a well worn Ksubi jacket that seems like the owner of the company himself sat him down and marked his specific frame for exactly that look. These denims have a personality and the more you wear them the more they portray you as a person. It’s a statement of self.

This article has hopefully made sense of what a good denim jacket is and what you can expect to get from one. With the proper effort and willingness to make it a part of yourself you can turn what is already an incredible article of clothing into a personalized representation of yourself.

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