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Klagoosh is a Native American (First Nations) name given me by Tahltan Elder (now passed on), Eyakta. His given name was Charlie Callbreath. My given name is Dave Cottrell. I am a pastor by calling, a writer,translator and photographer by trade.


Photography, travelling by road, hiking, camping, fishing, pretty much anything outdoors. I enjoy flying, but there’s nothing quite as interesting as traveling a new road, seeing things unfold mile by mile.

WordPress Origin Story

There is no mystery to how I came to be involved with WordPress. As a writer, I got into blogging and took out a free WordPress blog when presented with the opportunity. I didn’t understand anything about the power of the WordPress CMS at the time, but have become a huge fan. All my websites run on WordPress. I especially like the fact that WordPress had “a plugin for that,” long before Android had “an app for that.” If I need to do something with a WordPress site, it’s almost certain there will already be a plugin for that.