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Coach Karl Ruegg spent his childhood in the Los Angeles metro area. Then his family moved to Zurich, Switzerland and Karl lived in Europe before returning to Del Mar, San Diego, CA. After selling their home in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, CA and a one year-long road trip with his wife, 3 teenagers and their puppy in a Motor-Home they settled down on Padre Island, Corpus Christi, TX on the Gulf of Mexico. After another long RV Trip Karl and his wife Ursula lived on their Ranch in Texas after their 3 grown children left the nest to find fame and fortune in Austin, TX. He and his wife of over 30 years hit the road again as fulltime RV-ers. They are currently preparing their next big life changing adventure to circumnavigate the Globe in their self built 40ft Cruising Catamaran.

Coach Karl’s 40+ years of corporate experience ranges from blue collar to white collar positions: half of the time as a mechanic, electronic engineer, and software engineer; the other half in the corporate arenas of sales, marketing, consulting, management, and executive positions.

He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology, Software Engineering and Business Administration and has held positions in many industries including Electronics, Computer Manufacturing, Software Development, Information Technology, Retail, Bio-Tech & Pharmaceutical, High-Tech, Defense, Telecom, RADAR. This unique blend of experience has helped him to develop an appreciation for life “on both sides of the fence”.

He left a very successful career in the corporate arena as a top-level executive to live an authentic life and support others in their quest to become successful and happy.

For over 15 years Coach Karl has been assisting people to clarify their big game, define power patterns, scan their 9 environments, zap tolerations, conduct experiments, enter new territories, re-design their 9 environments and shift from willpower to power environments so they can delegate their success to their personal life success academy.
Ideal Client

Financially secure, Know they’ve been successful but want to be successful in a new way, Looking for a bigger game than where they are, Want to play bigger, Disillusioned with their life, Mid-Life Crisis, Wants change, Smart, Giving up and ready for the last ditch effort, Enjoys growing, Open to new and crazy concepts, Adventurous, Complex, Multiple environments they want to change, etc.


I’ve devoted my life to helping people redesign their 9 environments so they can have the life they always wanted.

WordPress Origin Story

Opened my Life Coaching Practice 15 Years ago and built my first site with Microsoft Front Page. Not sure if WordPress even existed back then or I just didn’t know about it. Anyhow one day WordPress found me and it was love at first sight. I’ve been building a few sites for my clients and recommending WP to anybody that will listen! What I really love is the constant innovation and all the human creativity that all these developers are pouring into it with plugins and themes and all that stuff!