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I am a 35 year old female who has overcome a number of tremendous struggles in life. Over the last few years I have discovered Spirituality and it has led to major life changes. I have always dreamed of traveling and being able to work from my laptop anywhere. I’ve spent the last few years learning about many different interests including writing, building websites and marketing. Now I am working on making that dream come true.

WordPress Origin Story was where I landed the first time I started trying to build a website. I made a few templates but as an obsessive perfectionist I never felt like they were finished or that I had learned enough to push forward yet. I had an extremely troubling time learning that there was also a which is used for different types of things. I honestly still don’t completely understand how it all works yet. I am literally teaching myself everything as I go. I hit a road bump then I read, research, and watch videos to learn how to fix it but never actually take the action and start the process. Today, something changed. I decided that it was doing me no good to learn fixes to things when they haven’t even become a problem yet. I’m building road bumps for MYSELF! So I’m going to start taking steps even if I slip up because I’m tired of thinking and wishing. If it’s not perfect than I will perfect it as I go.