I am not yet an professional author but I believe that I can accomplish some great heights. I love anything related to ethnology and also studying at the moment to be real time translator. I own just a little over 11300 manuscript I’ve accomplished a large amounts of data profiling without yet having my mind too much biased. Am also in the need of a personal website and I haven’t looked much into the diverse selection and I’m not too fancy of having terabytes storage on my physical hard drive, any experienced website creator wants to give me a few friendly tips , I would much appreciate your time and brightly knowledge to direct me with your best sourced inputs.

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From an uncommonly early age I have been aware of the deep esoteric secrets of this matrix.
I can still see myself arguing who ever wanted to feed me their b.s perception of the many deceptions in our present incarnation happening at the four corners of our azimuthal plane of perception is actors that has practiced the traditions and dark arts so many peoples need to get awaken out of their zombies and chemical Nano-particles processed spam pig bums animal killers and ritual throat slashing of cows and goats to get more of these useless calories that will leave you infirmed and dying at 40 yrs old, most of the kids these days are obese and it is so sad to see them having a hard time to put a feet ahead the other and accomplish the easiest task that them alone knows what they were anticipating and seeing them breaking in sweat and bloody colored faces after not even running a half of a city block. I’ve have been conscious consumer of organic fruits & herbs and distilled water and never tasted what a poor living sentient being that someone or myself had to hunt or traded for selfish obsession to fill myself with death habits ritual so I can feel all this deep sorrow for consuming this poor living being that had to be sacrificed. I feel like I am 25 and presently 47 no memories of being sick or sore or simply experienced the dullest acne pimples ever and likely not in this incarnation. Every morning I wake up at 5 am without a single set alarm the night before and 20 minutes later am already running my daily 6 miles that took me only seconds under 50 minutes and I eat only one time daily and that is never before 8 pm and my commune meal is 750 mls of distilled water with 1 banana 1 lemon a cup of freshly juiced blueberries and gala apple usually with a handful of fresh parsley and cilantro also juiced and last dash of ginger and a fair sized turmeric root that I feel so prime for the rest of the night plus a whole 19 hours of the next day before I’m looking to put some healing and nutritious matter, got my own grown organic interior garden where I grow all the roots i.e beets + turmeric and my only medicinal herbage that I ritually smoke or mouthy consume at sunset everyday and the rest is outdoor grown in my own backyard lucky me I do not have any kids yet to have to sacrificed part of this acre of dirt. In this lifetime (incarnation) I really wish to teach people with a conscientious lifestyle plus learn how to see these many hints that what they are believing is everything when communicated with simple easy phrase but when you are getting numbers plus insane equation just so they can perceive the wanted spherical trigonometry thought by the fake white coat scientist that has poisoned their small mind for 13 yrs of school programing just to be enough knowledgeable so they can slave for someone corporation just to make 1% of the total income of the company so sad that my grand parents and parents did believe all the known deception since the beginning of the 20 century let me remind you a few of the major events the inception of the international money funds corporation beginning in England and France came to the Americas after the sinking of the Titanic a story written almost a century before the event of the fatally purposefully int-anted crashing on a stupid iceberg just so the 3 richest bankers were sacrificed just so Morgan could be the only one saved on the raft boats to manifest his indeed filthy wealth-ed destiny then the beginning of the 14-18 W.W then the manufactured economical depression just so they can bring the poison spirits and malts so the masses would just go to sleep into the Q downward spiraling all the way to 1939 to 45 where my parents were born but unconscious grannies would be obligated to educate my father’s first as a plumber careered until he got fed up with customer’s shit problems and decided to go to Texaco Petroleum as a director of marketing until it was sold to Ultramar and still today is the top marketing director in the 70’s I came to this world still remembering that little song I sung to myself I’m not from earth and take me out of this world cause I was gifted with memories of the last 3 times that I died before my time in the same car explosion happening to me at 27 so I decided at early age that I will not own a pollution cancer to take my bum from place to place while I can ride my road bike faster than any cars in any cities of this world so I feel at least no remorseful sorrows for polluting the air that we breath I got to teach you people that man is just like a plant and all what a plant needs is the light of the Sun and clean properly distilled water to keep hydrated so let make these corporations bankrupt from not buying into their stores for only one day if no one in this world buys anything nowhere in this plane of existence and am telling it will stress their consuming minds start with 1 day I achieved 55 days without any solid foods a couple yrs ago it was the greatest challenged I ever gifted myself made come out of this fast only 46.7 kilos which is just under 102.95 pounds today I’m 61 kilos which gives me 134.415 pounds. It’s time to awaken from the lies of this world everything you know is a lie, they have contrived present day probably 100 yrs or more ago get fasting and regain your minds peoples it is urgently needed to stop these evil ritualistic murderous entities behind corporations. In the best watched and loved T.V tel-LIE-vision series Game of Thrones remember in season 6 the blind girl that has no name is just another clue regarding the country or state you worship cause that’s how they cash in those certificate with all roman letters with all capital letters with no dash or period between names or words is really means nothing, citing from Encyclopedia Britannica Latin alphabet, also called Roman alphabet, most widely used alphabetic writing system in the world, the standard script of the English language and the languages of most of Europe and those areas settled by Europeans. Developed from the Etruscan alphabet at some time before 600 BC, it can be traced through Etruscan, Greek, and Phoenician scripts to the North Semitic alphabet used in Syria and Palestine about 1100 BC. The earliest inscription in the Latin alphabet appears on the Praeneste Fibula, a cloak pin dating from about the 7th century BC, which reads, “MANIOS MED FHEFHAKED NUMASIOI” (in Classical Latin: “Manius me fecit Numerio,” meaning “Manius made me for Numerius”). Dated not much later than this is a vertical inscription on a small pillar in the Roman Forum, and the Duenos inscription on a vase found near the Quirinal (a hill in Rome) probably dates to the 6th century BC. Although experts disagree on the dating of these objects, the inscriptions are generally considered to be the oldest extant examples of the Latin alphabet.

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