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Previously an almost atheistic agnostic, later I experienced happenings which were obvious responses to a solicitation to God (were he to exist) for proof. It wasn’t the first time, but it was only one of two or three over decades. I was living in a more stable, domestic manner (as opposed to celebratory escapism) and had added an apology to the petition to God, that I was sorry if I’d been bias against Him in weighing the evidence, what with all of the ever-excusable scientific paradigm shifts. The adventure is personal but undeniable. I am paranoid, let alone cautious, of wishful thinking or cherry-picking regular life for perceived uncanniness, yet I must say the odds I did not form a communication with a God capable of showing an anthropomorphic side — one who indicates Christ is real, as well — are in the hundreds of millions to one at this juncture. He actually appealed to my rational sensibilities, but it must stay personal, there are no widespread signs to be noticed en masse; you cannot render it to a repeatable experiment by design. Please ask for yourself.

WordPress Origin Story

I first learned a little HTML at WebTV. They’d enabled it in the email, so we started writing veritable email-embedded web pages to each other on breaks. I used this for a couple gaudy web sites about mysterious phenomena, or about “alien grays” seeming way too convergently-evolved not to be actually a human race. Real life isn’t Star Trek who saves $ with rubber ears… our first supposed alien contacts, if genuine, were far more human-like than known examples of convergent evolution between virtually unrelated species, like a bat and a bird, or a shark and a dolphin. Grays, even if fictional, appeared to simply be humans who were further along the same evolutionary (or de-evolutionary) path as us (lessening of ape-like triats we no longer use — body hair, structural robusticity, sexual dimorphism.. the cranium is not larger it looks such due to shrunken jaws and such).
Dreamweaver came out and allowed HTML and then PHP to be compiled with a word processor-like GUI, but it still took a darn good writer to make a site look more professional and less amateur, esp. without frames which went out of style.
Wordpress came out and, while I hated my attempted employment at a coat tail-riding company self-named WordPress Design Team (which they were not explicitly authorized for) it did force me to discover the workings and many dos and don’t of WordPress, which has been a phenomenal asset.

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