Hello! I’m Jay Mishra, a seasoned web developer with 3 years of experience, now embarking on my journey with WordPress. My passion for creating engaging digital experiences has led me to explore the power and flexibility of this open-source platform.

Despite being new to WordPress, my extensive background in web development allows me to quickly grasp and apply its fundamentals in real-world scenarios. I take pride in understanding client needs and translating them into functional and aesthetically pleasing websites.

Being part of the vibrant WordPress community has been an enriching experience. The shared passion for continuous learning and improvement is truly inspiring. It’s this sense of community that drives me to deliver my best work and contribute positively to the platform.

If you’re looking for assistance with your WordPress-related projects or have any queries, please feel free to reach out!. I’m here to help, and together, we can create something amazing!


– Music: An avid musician with a love for composing music & songs.
– Acting: Passionate about theater and film, (didn’t get a chance by far!).
– Reading: Enjoy exploring new ideas and perspectives through literature.
– Traveling: Love experiencing new cultures and landscapes.

WordPress Origin Story

Hello, WordPress community! I’m Jay Mishra, and I’m thrilled to be embarking on this exciting journey as a WordPress developer.

My fascination with WordPress began when I was looking for a platform that could help me express my creativity and technical skills. I discovered and was instantly captivated by its open-source nature, which meant endless possibilities.

As a newbie, the learning curve was steep, but the wealth of resources available made it manageable. The more I delved into it, the more I appreciated the flexibility and power that WordPress offers. It was like finding a toolbox filled with everything I needed to build my digital masterpiece.

What truly amazed me about WordPress is its welcoming and supportive community. From forums to tutorials, there’s always help at hand, making my learning journey less daunting and more enjoyable.

As I continue to explore and learn, my aim is to contribute positively to this vibrant community. I believe in creating websites that are not just visually appealing but also user-friendly and efficient.

I’m excited about the future and the opportunities that being a part of the WordPress community brings. If you’re on a similar journey or need help navigating the world of WordPress, feel free to connect. Let’s learn and grow together!


Jay Mishra contributes 10 hours per week to the following teams: Community and Core.

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