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I started a offshore design and development studio in Costa Rica, we keep it profitable for 4 years then we merge to another company in the hospitality industry and all the team dedicate the WordPress capabilities to work for small hotels. After that I start working as a freelance for agencies located in US and small customization services for local projects.
Im very into product design, Typography and Tattoos.


Tattoos, Music, Design, typography and Gospel!

WordPress Origin Story

I start using WordPress around 2010 when I start my company as a platform for website redesign services, we started with premium themes and quickly move into custom theming service
In 2013 we started to integrate woocommerce as the best solution for eCommerce with the banks in Costa Rica and other countries in Latin America.
Now I’m working as a freelance providing consulting, designing and developing themes and custom plugins for several companies and agencies.
Speaking at Wordcamp Costa Rica 2017
Some of the projects I have develop with WordPress are:
Chenega Corp
Newlife New Glory Church
Nectar Corp
Across others

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