Hey WordPress & anime enthusiests! I’m Ismail, a certified WordPress Expert who’s worked with businesses of all sizes, including BMW Group & the UN. Besides web development, I love weightlifting, anime, and dreaming of Japan. I believe in community, collaboration, and sharing knowledge.

Feel free to reach out for anything WordPress, anime, or in between. Let’s connect and create something amazing together!


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WordPress Origin Story

Once upon a time, our hero found himself dabbling in WordPress projects for companies in the UAE, honing his skills while navigating the realm of job-hunting. Despite his early ventures, he feverishly applied to 20+ job positions every day, desperately seeking a 9-5 gig. Little did he know, an unexpected twist of fate was about to unfold.

One day, a mysterious email arrived from the enchanted realm of Codeable. He scratched his head, unsure of this peculiar organization. As he dove deep into the annals of internet research, he discovered a wondrous world of freelancing and entrepreneurship, reserved only for the elite top 2% of WordPress developers.

Undaunted, our hero embarked on a perilous journey through Codeable’s rigorous vetting process, knowing full well that his WordPress destiny hung in the balance. After a grueling quest, he emerged victorious, earning the coveted title of certified WordPress expert.

With newfound purpose and passion, our hero bid farewell to the ordinary 9-5 life, forging a new path as a fearless freelancer. His impressive skills and dedication to his craft earned him a perfect 5/5 review rating on Codeable’s platform, solidifying his place among the WordPress elite.

Euphoric, he sent out a flurry of emails to other companies, basically telling them to take a hike. And so, with the weight of the 9-5 life lifted, he embraced his newfound freedom, basking in the glory of a perfect 5/5 review rating on Codeable’s platform.

As time passed, our hero teamed up with a trusty sidekick and founded the noble agency of Veda Digital, specializing in WordPress wizardry. Today, they continue to transform businesses and set strong foundations for success, with their sights set on conquering the coaching industry.

And thus, the legend of the intrepid freelancer lives on, proving that great things can happen when you break free from the ordinary and dare to dream.

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