The Internet News Alliance (iNA), is dedicated to the pursuit of all forms of true Journalism over the Internet, to the preservation of the principals of the freedom of the press and to the empowering and equipping of new Journalists to continue the noble cause of telling the verifiable truth to all people!

WordPress Origin Story

After drifting aimlessly through an unknown universe later identified as “The Internet” in an attempt to locate others of our alien race known as “Journalists”… we discovered an entity commonly referred to as “WordPress” which was purported to be “the solution to our unguided exploration of this universe called “The Internet”.

After accepting this new truth and utilizing the power of this WordPress, we are now exploring the deeper reaches of this fascinating universe trying to gather a group of our fellow Journalists in order to continue our common goal of telling worthwhile, thought provoking stories and preserve knowledge for future generations… if YOU are one of us, please use your intergalactic communications systems (web-browser & email) to contact us so we can work together!

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