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Hire a London Chauffeur

Hire a London Chauffeur is a family run business, founded in London back in 2008, we have a combined chauffeuring experience of over 12 years within the industry.

We kind of fell into the business some 10 years ago, driven by our love and passion for a certain style of luxury vehicle, and of course the pleasure of driving around in these tame beasts was something we wanted to initially share with our friends and family but we never really wanted them to have the keys, just experience the drive, however they all seemed to enjoy being chauffeured around and made a point of it, so it seemed common sense to us at the time to pursue this passion and approximately three years later we set up Hire a London Chauffeur.


Now you didn’t think the story will just end like that did you? Good, I hoped not! As you could imagine with blinkers on, we embarked into a world we had not entered before and subsequently we needed to act and act fast as the competition was vast, it then became our sole mission to create a service not unlike any other, but better than any other, we believed little needs change in chauffeuring, but be improved upon, keeping the traditional chauffeuring style, qualities and techniques (like that of a butler), but reinstalling chauffeuring to what it used to be, by clearly defining the difference between hiring a chauffeur to that of a luxury taxi service so that people cannot just clearly define the difference, but experience something they will never forget, the ride of their life.

Please take browse through our site and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our phone number is +447469846963.

We look forward to be working for you!

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Professional Chauffeur Hire in London – A Smart Way for Transportation

Weddings are special occasions, one that comes once in a lifetime and you would not like it to go wrong on any count. Weddings are family occasions and mostly, the church you are supposed to get married in is quite far from your residence. Also, the place where you will be throwing the reception party might be in a different direction from the church.

Transportation is a problem, especially when you do not want to be late and would like your friends and relatives to travel in comfort across the city. So, go ahead and plan the perfect transport by hiring a limousine for the day of your wedding, complete with a competent chauffeur. Here are some chauffeur hire tips to Chauffeur Hire in London.

♣ Driving Your Business – Executive Transfers for World Class Brands

Hiring a limousine is not that costly and it comes with extra Chauffeur Driven Car Hire in London and of course, extra room for the entire party of relatives and friends who wish to travel with you. A good chauffeur will know all the routes in the city and will be able to follow your directions and pick up or drop guests and relatives at their home, without your having to worry about transport problems.


♣ Elevate Your Experience – Arrive in Style at Your Next Event

However, if you are hiring a limousine and a Chauffeur Service in London, you must plan well in advance and get in touch with the car hiring company, as also discuss the plans in detail with the chosen chauffeur, to avoid last minute confusions. One way to decide on the distance to be covered and the time needed for it is to drive the exact route earlier and time the journey. If you plan to hire many wedding cars, it will be helpful to draw up plans for each car in terms of routes, especially if you are getting married on a busy weekday.

♣  Timely arrivals

One of the main concerns for many city dwellers and travelers is the quality of the transport system and stress of being delayed. Therefore, an experienced Chauffeur For The Day in London is essential. With the right service provider, you will not have to worry whether you will reach your destination in time. They possess exceptional knowledge of the local area, enough to avoid traffic in most major cities. They are knowledgeable about all the routes in any location you may desire to travel, whether a corporate or family environment, they know the ways around any time consuming traffic.

♣  Productive/stress free trip

Instead of driving yourself around, Chauffeur Hire In London allow you to engage in productive work, like following up on correspondence, going through your presentation and much more. This allows you to spend your time on the road doing something constructive. Alternatively, you can spend your time relaxing, taking a well-deserved drink or calling up on friends and family.

♣  Safety

Good chauffer companies hire experienced private drivers who possess excellent driving skills, which guarantee to get you to your destination safely. In addition, the drivers have full and clean licenses to ensure safety on the highways and byways. Furthermore, the drivers have the necessary experience to drive variety luxury vehicles from Bentleys to Limos. Hence, they can be trusted in any vehicle. Some companies offer their employees anti-terrorism and defensive courses to ensure a complete safe and comfortable trip.

♣  Dependable

Hire A Chauffeur in London can be contacted 24/7. A good impression is particularly important when it comes to business. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in reliable chauffeur services. Chauffeurs compared with cab drivers, are known to be polite, have poise and regard client's comfort. Other business professionals and your clients will no doubt have a positive image about you when they see you being driven to the meeting in a chauffeur service. This is likely to translate into tangible business benefits.

Desirable Attributes for a Chauffeur

• The perfect chauffeur should have proper etiquette. 

• The perfect chauffeur should wear the proper attire. 

• A chauffeur should be a tour guide and local area expert.

• The perfect chauffeur will deliver coffee, snacks, personal items or flowers on behalf of his clients.

The terms Personal Chauffeur in London, now has a quite a different meaning than earlier times. Previously the owner hired a Chauffeur as a full time servant to drive their car. However, nowadays the service provider offers service Chauffeurs along with the cars. This service is well known as the Chauffeur hire service. You can also hire Chauffeur for driving your personal limousine cars or the luxury one as a full timer.

Though for the luxury cars or for the ceremonies like wedding, party or the any important meeting one needs to arrive in style, yet to hire a full time Executive Chauffeur Services in London only for that purpose seems a wasteful idea. Keeping in mind this fact part time chauffeur hire is a good option. Chauffeur hire is now an important part of our daily life as people nowadays are too much busy with their work. So they would not have any other choice but to accept this. From businessman to the model, from the press to the government personnel everyone needs to do chauffeur service for hassle free journey and to reach their destination on time.

The rules are:-

A. First thing the service providers want from the chauffeurs are a specific age, having experience to drive the cars either luxury or the general, and knowledge about the local areas. 

B. Some of them personally train them as per their criteria. As many of the country appreciate the well dressed chauffeur so they provide them dress with appropriate shoes and tie along with them.


Guidelines for hiring a Chauffeur:-

For the business purpose if you want to hire a chauffeur in a place then you need to go to a proper agency and tell your terms. However finding the right agency is a challenge and one needs to take the best decision as per his/her requirements. In case of hiring a Chauffeur for the wedding ceremony the chauffeur would in most cases be well-trained. They offer their customers numbers of facilities in an affordable price. You will feel ease along with comfortable journey by the service offered by them.

Check Out The Website for getting more information related to Chauffeur Driven Car Hire in London.

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