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Dien Dan Cong Nghe continuously updated version 2.2.2 with changing array of new look, more features extremely hot. 2.2.2 avatars are increasingly developed, becoming a vibrant, modern city, the having the appearance entirely changed.

Avatar Game farm fun

Below are the highlights of the new Avatar 2.2.2:

1. change the new look for the city

-Construction of new areas, new shopping area.

-The shop area and shop amusement about a new shop in the shopping district

-Rearrange the system, NPC functions (dial, auctions …)

-Put the senior zone, planned suburb again. moving NPC Dr Doom, NPC lockers on the suburb

-Upgrade the City map modern new over Dien Dan Phan Mem.

-Move the dial NPC, NPC auctions from the Park of attractions

-Move the NPC quests from the outskirts of the Town House in the recreation area.

Change the new look for the city

2. change of items

-Gain decent tree harvest coins dam from 345 cents a 1345 coin.

-Contract law raised prices from 2 cents/5-cents left/left.

-Increase of some dishes from the kitchen.


Price change avatar items

3. upgrade feature-bugs

-Open the back features the thief steals Only: store the crops, contract law. Can not steal the pet products purchased with (cow’s milk, wool) and processed products from the kitchen.

Also, when updating version 2.2.2 Avatars will have many new attractive events. 2.2.2 Avatar quickly with many interesting surprises in the coming days.

Download the Game Avatar now and Dich Vu 3G always

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