Your brand Logo image is your first public relations advocate. its like your pet bird that goes flying all over the world singing praises to your name. Before anybody gets started running their business, they need to make sure they create a brand image that best represents their work. All organizations both Commercial enterprises and Non Profits need to have the best possible Logo designs to represent them. otherwise people won’t have a positive image of them at all. These resources help you carry out your brand building process with ease, they are very simple to use therefore helping newbies handle them without a hitch, they also help professionals reduce the time spent at their work while they are producing very high quality brand Logos and images. Best for everyone, both the the newbies and the professionals.


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WordPress Origin Story

I came across WordPress CMS on the laptop PC of a friend. One weekend afternoon, i went over to his place to hang out. it was such an immense experience that i became very exhilarated, i was so excited for i had never seen anything like it in my life before. You had to be a genius to figure such a thing out. Before that, i knew that the only way to create websites was to learn the basics of web programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. i had taught myself a little bit of these languages before, i didn’t have to worry about getting stuck building a website.
coding a website was such a slow and difficult thing in such that you had to personally code every webpage for it to look neat. WordPress got rid of all that. thanks to the developers they made my life so easy, everything now is just drag and drop. i said goodbye to the old web coding software i had on my desktop PCs.
I would like to once again thank the development team. they have improve my life by almost tenfold

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