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In high school I was writing code for IBM mainframes, and eventually graduated from The University of Akron with a degree in computer programming. I had a dream to attend film school at UCLA, but could not afford to do that. My career has been in Global IT, but I still have a love of photography. With technology advancements I now do digital photography, and edit my photos and videos on my computer. My two passions have come together.

My first personal computer was an Apple II that I purchased in 1977. I have never been without a home computer since then. I still love all technical gadgets.

I maintain two websites, a blog about photography and travel as well as a photo website containing over 6,000 photographs that I have taken since I was 10 years old. You will find a few old digitally converted Super 8mm films there as well.


Travel, Photography and Videography

WordPress Origin Story

I was maintaining my website a couple of years until I decided to give WordPress a try in December 2010. I can now concentrate more on photography and content instead of all that coding. Great product.