• Member Since: May 24th, 2020
  • Location: Turkey
  • Website: wpservis.com
  • Job Title: Web Designer
  • Employer: WP.com.tr
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Hello, my name is Halim. I was born in 1983 in Sakarya / Turkey. I live my life in Sakarya with my family, 9 cats, and 2 dogs. I have been working as a WordPress installation, support service, and front-end developer since 2012.


Web Design
Web Development
Social Media
Digital Marketing
Front-End Developer

WordPress Origin Story

I started my professional career by sharing HTML website templates via ThemeForest. Then in early 2014, when I heard wpservis.com website needs in Turkey and targets users who are familiar with WordPress word I opened my website. I continue to provide professional WordPress support and installation services through my site, which I completed for the 6th year this year.

Contributions Sponsored

Halim KILIÇ contributes 40 hours per week to the following teams: Community, Core, Design, Support.