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Glenn’s fascination for photography was born when he as a young boy in the sixties was observing his father sitting in the attic in a gleam of red light, where black and white images appear almost magically on a piece of photo paper after being placed in a tank with fluid.

This fascination led him to study photography in 1979, which he successfully completed after four years where he learned a broad & technical basis with main accent on advertising photography.

Those roots substantially increased during ten years of working as a civilian photographer for the Royal Dutch Army, emphasizing mainly on documentary photography whereby he developed a fine sense of being able to capture the essence of a moment in an array of tight compositions. The ability to secure the final composition in the camera instead of afterwards, bear fruit when shooting many audiovisual slide productions for various sectors of the army. Glenn’s audio-visual productions were not only characterized by a tight clean imagery but also by skilled and aesthetically balanced lighting.

His control of light did not go unnoticed when he was also asked by the video department to serve as a lighting technician. The use of so-called continuous light during video productions called for a different approach when using flashlight. Glenn’s fascination for continuous-light grew because of its manageable and mouldable nature. Drawing with light in a literal sense was not only inspiring but it also broadened his horizon in photography.

Even during the years that Glenn’s focus was on other goals in life, his photographer eye kept on maturing. Travelling through different countries in the African continent and other countries such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia only enriched and made grow his sense of colour, light and atmosphere.

After arriving in the digital age of photography, Glenn is again boundlessly inspired by the seemingly infinite possibilities that this era has brought within reach of his passion and great love, photography.

His philosophy remained unchanged throughout the years; a picture should speak for itself and does not need a long explanation afterwards. The essence of a picture should be the atmosphere and feeling it radiates. These are the results of specific ingredients; the moment, the used technique, the light, the composition and the subject.

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