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Web, music, puzzles, videogames, nature, drawing.

WordPress Origin Story


My name is Sergey. I am a WordPress developer. I started my career in the early 2012. By that time, I was looking for a website engine with which I could work. I came across many CMS’ such as: Simple Machines Forum (SMF), Joomla, Drupal and several more until I find the WordPress. Since then, WordPress — is my main and the only platform where I’m working on, and I love it as far as it is possible. Still to this day I’m continuing growing up as a developer, always finding some new things for me. I do no want to know my job perfectly, I want to love what I do – that’s my main motto. Right now, I can honestly say that my work has turned into my main hobby, and I am happy with it.

During these 9+ years I’ve been working on several freelance platforms, had created many WordPress websites and fixed not less many existed projects on that platform. My main portfolio counts more than 100+ projects.

Aside from coding, I like to play PC games, do puzzles, draw, listen to music and read books.

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