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The Global GameCast is an exciting Internet radio broadcast centered not only on video games and the video game industry, but toward Gamer Culture… that is… gamers themselves! Your host, DJ Mark Of Death, brings you video game news, reviews, exciting interviews with video game industry leaders, great music, and of course, hilarious comedy, but DJ Mark Of Death also enjoys diving deep into the psychological aspects of gaming, and even further into the mind, body and soul of Gamer Culture.

The Global GameCast was originally called strafeRight Radio and was born through the vision of a group of people who were members of a forum about notebook computers (http://www.notebookforums.com). It turned out that many of these notebook enthusiasts were also gamers, and it was this rag-tag group of gamers that banded together to start, strafeRight, a gaming community that has prospered extremely well and is still around today primarily due to the strength of and relationship between its members: that community can still be found HERE!

On every broadcast, DJ Mark Of Death brings gamers from all over the world LIVE ON-AIR, which spawns some of the most stimulating discussions every imagined.