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I am a Blogger and a Coder by passion. I setup my first blog www.revthatup.com in 2011 and since then i have come to learn a lot about the Blogging industry. I have gained an insight into WordPress, SEO, and Social Media. Check out my WordPress resources which will help you. I also have a knowledge about Computers, Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and how they all fit together. You can find my favorite How To Tutorials over here. I also have a keen interest in the Android platform.

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I like to Code in my free time, and Blogging is my passion too. I also like to Game…a lot on my PC. You can call me a tech enthusiast…since most of my life i have spent staring at a computer screen and using a lot of gadgets. One day i want to get into the world of Tron and make it a reality!