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Tour de France is a dream of every cyclist. If you have not yet planned your race, here are a few essential tips to make your chase easier.
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Be the part of the race: Being at the Tour is about being part of the show. There are two ways to be part of the race, either by sign-up as a cyclist or by sitting on the couch as a tourist. You can be part of the tour in whatever manner you can be. Soak up the atmosphere and the excitement and watch the riders come past.

Don’t forget to bring your own bike: Real thrill of the tour de France is on two wheels. So you must carry your own bike, to experience the same climbs as the riders do. If you have your own bike, then avoid taking trains or other transportation mediums. Go for off train routes on your bike, carrying your own luggage. You can either bring your own bike or opt for official cycling tours tour de France organiser.They will perform all the planning work, so that you can go around your bike freely.

Rent a bike:Tourists pedaling on bike around town, feel part of the race. You can either rent a bike for a short period of time, from a few hours to whole day or week. Paying by the hour makes renting a cheaper option, while you can drop bike off any location. You can check the internet for bike rental options, tour schedules and other information.  You can also check for more than one rental shop within the city and compare their rates. Bike rental makes your touring experience incredibly easier.

Sign-up for the Tour:If you can opt to participate in the official tour group then it is the best idea. Go with a tour group. Being with the tour group will ensure that you are having maximum out of your France experience. Not only that, being with official Tour de France Bike Tours removes the hassle of organizing accommodation and transfers yourself. If you don’t want to see the crowds, but want to see the grand chase of the tour, then you must head over to the Giro or Vuelta. It is the best destination to experience the touring. Here you can interact with the riders as it is the starting of the tour. You can see the riders casually hang out around the start-line for an hour before their departure.
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Follow these tips to make your touring experience easier. Most important is to be part tour, it takes a bit more of an adventurous spirit to be part of group, follow the maps and navigate on their own.

Apa Itu Franchise?

Franchise adalah hubungan kerja dimana salah satu pihak diberikan hak untuk memanfaatkan dan menggunakan hak dari kekayaan intelektual atau disebut HAKI yang dimiliki pihak lain dengan suatu imbalan berdasarkan persyaratan yang telah ditetapkan oleh pihak pihak pemilik HAKI tersebut dalam rangka penyediaan atau penjualan barang dan jasa. Franchise dalam bahasa indonesia disebut juga dengan Peluang usaha Waralaba.