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I am a coder , educator and a Data Scientist. I love data and analytics. In my day job, I work with database technologies including SQL, Python , Big Data and Tableau. I am passionate about technologies and love coding and managing teams. In my spare time I like to teach Python , Web development , Python ,Data Structure and Algorithm Databases, Programming etc. I am currently working on certain machine learning and Data Science projects and love to explore more in the Statistics field.

Data Scientist with extensive in solving many real world business problems across different domains.

Looking for opportunities in Data Science, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Machine Learning, R, Python, MongoDB and SQL. Excellent in Statistics and Predictive Modelling.

I acquire strong ability to research, analyse, and synthesise data as well as advanced organisational skills and a work style that is both collaborative and independent.


Android, iOS, Flutter, node js, Python, Angular, IoT, ML and AI

WordPress Origin Story

1. Affordability – WordPress has opened the door for regular people to own a website with very little investment made. All you need is a Domain Name, Hosting Account and to download the free software to your server. This is in stark contrast to back in the day when the only way to have a website that looked professional was to spend a fortune, hire a huge team of developers and then pay exorbitant maintenance prices for the site.

2. The Flexibility – WordPress is extremely versatile. It can be used by every day bloggers to fortune 500 companies. With so many Theme and Plugin Options out there, you can build virtually any type of website you could possibly need.

3. Ownership – You own your website and the content is completely yours. If you are self hosting your WordPress powered website, then you don’t have to worry about contracts and limitations that a hosted solution would place on you. If for some reason you ever needed to migrate away from the service then you can easily download all your content and your images easily

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