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I used to be a Flash Actionscript expert in New York City. In 2009 I quit developing, designing, working, etc… on computers. I was severely “burned out” from 20 hour workdays every day of the week, month, year… I barely had time to take a shower and grab something to eat from across the street, and squeeze in an hour or two at best of sleep. And it stressed me out. And I became increasingly pissed off at the slow speed of my computers and servers, and internet, even though I had $50k in hardware and a 10 gig fiber connection on the backbone. I beat the hell out a MacBookPro just like in that movie “Office Space” when they beat the hell outta their shitty office shared printer. So I took a break. As I went to school for fine arts for 10 years, 100% scholarship, 3 degrees from 3 schools – and I had started freelancing as a developer as a side job, to help pay the bills – cause as an artist you never know when you will get paid again, if ever. And the United States does NOT care that much about art at all. Why buy a painting for $5k when you can own the poster for $5? Anyways, I just came back about 2 years ago, in January 2020. And it was a very disappointing return. I still can’t believe Flash was trashed, and not replaced whatsoever. As it makes a LOT more sense to me to use vectors rather than pixels. Think of the amount of data that is sitting on servers around the world, then the amount of data that has been transmitted OVER AND OVER millions of times, and then the difference in size of vectors versus pixels. What a fucking waste! My other grievance is how the software developers effectively put millions of web developers out a job. Thanks a lot, dicks. But they are on the path to making themselves obsolete. Again I say, way to go, DICKS. So I’m not too impressed with WordPress. It all sounds like a good idea, but the fact is, it does not work worth a shit. The whole idea of drag’n’drop web design without coding is a joke. So why the hell did everyone let Google push them around? Google can kiss my ass. So yeah, I dunno… I’m here and it’s hell. I’ll be happy when someone takes the time to develop something that fucking works. When people stop making and buying and burying trash. Fuck China. We are PAYING THEM to turn our home into a landfill of their TRASH. Then covid? Why the hell did we bend over and take it up the ass with a smile on our face when it’s crystal clear that they engineered and deployed a biological weapon against the entire world? We were ATTACKED. And a LOT more people have died from this attack than did from Pearl Harbor and 911 combined. So what the heck are we supposed to do, as it’s obvious we are outnumbered 4 to 1? BOYCOTT CHINA. Stop buying their crap! Try to buy things that are quality made, that are meant to last at least a lifetime. Rather than a piece of injection molded plastic painted to fool you into thinking it’s made of metal, that is gonna break after a week, and you’ll have to fill the landfill, and then go buy another one, over and over and over… The U.S. should rethink, retrain, rebuild – to become a country that takes PRIDE in it’s work, because we know our products are made to last a lifetime, without flaws – perfection. We should become the supplier of QUALITY. Of buy it once, use it forever. Cause are you really saving money by buying shit from Walmart? Stop thinking of yourself, and stop living for the moment. As we might have inherited this world from a bunch of irresponsible extremists, but we don’t have to, nor should we, do the same thing to our children and grandchildren. And we absolutely do NOT have to fight a war, nor exercise any amount of aggression to protect ourselves, and our way of life from the GREED of China. We only need to be smarter, more devoted, more cooperative, more realistic… Piss on China and their greed. They kill their own just to attack us. That’s sick. Stop buying their sick, shitty ass products. It’s a change we need to make anyways. Ween yourself off the tit we call China. That’s all for now.

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