I’m a front-end web developer with 10+ years of experience with WordPress. My main skills are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP. I’m a tech lover, with everything tech related.
I’m a freelancer for more than 15+ years. Not only that, but I’m a freelancer at Codeable since 2021.

WordPress Origin Story

I started working with websites when I was 13, a time when HTML was structured in tables. Everything I know, I learned from the web and getting out of my comfort zone. WordPress came about due to the need of customers to create websites faster with the ability to have a dashboard to allow the users to edit the content easily. It helped a lot to create websites using WordPress rather than creating from scratch,
I remember the WordPress interface of the first versions (maybe mid-2011), and I’m very thankful to the community for doing such a great job. After that, my life becomes more interesting!

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