I love being a full-stack developer! Also, I’m a geek at heart, a family man in real life. I have a wonderful wife Catalina whom I am married since 2015 and two kids: Joshua and Caleb. I love USA culture and one day we would like to immigrate to the US if God wants this too.


I like doing a long ride with my mountain bike whenever I can. The longest ride, for now, is 100km between my country Romania and Hungary.

WordPress Origin Story

I use WordPress since 2008 for hobby projects and after I got hired I started to use it professionally too.

Original old account (to brag that I joined earlier):

  • Member Since: March 14th, 2014
  • Location: Arad, Romania
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  • GitHub: filipac
  • Job Title: Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Employer: Meevo Technologies
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  • Submitted pull request #397 to WordPress/wp-feature-notifications:
    Feature: Notification polling on the client

  • Submitted pull request #4979 to WordPress/wordpress-develop:
    Weekly wp_get_archives has invalid link (link for month instead of year)

  • Created ticket #59027 on Core Trac:
    Weekly wp_get_archives has invalid link (link for month instead of year)

  • Wrote a comment on the post Proposal: Treat FLoC as a security concern, on the site Make WordPress Core:
    Strongly want this as a simple user, not as a developer!

  • Created a topic, Gutenberg custom block: RichText underline button, on the site Forums:
    I am working on a custom block for Gutenberg and part …

  • Created ticket #31644 on Core Trac:
    mysqli_get_client_version in wp-db