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Founder at HABTAM | Website Designer | Truth Teller


To love my creator, my family, and to serve my country in business using any kind of good technology.

WordPress Origin Story

7 Years ago, (from now 2019), there was a time when I was eager to have even a little know-how of PHP in order to start my “Address Book – Online System” idea, which is a business and places directory website. I was trying my best to learn PHP from Scratch. I even still have the tutorials I used at that time. However, I had a Level 4 Diploma in Information Technology and already know about CSS and HTML.

The first time I saw WordPress 5 years ago (In 2015) from now (2019), I thought it was like a drag and drop system with NO coding at all. So I was NOT interested to start using WordPress because I thought that I should have to learn all kinds of programming languages to use for my “Address Book – Online System” project. After a few months, I didn’t have enough time to continue learning PHP, since I am from Africa, I have to work for a living.

After a few months later, When I was looking for other easy online business ideas, I found many articles about blogging, business directory, Video Sharing, etc… and after I saw the term “Business Directory” I just woke up to understand how I can achieve my “Address Book – Online System” idea using CMS (WordPress), as instructed by those good Indians and Pakistani bloggers.

During this time, I have got some info about Joomla from my senior programmer neighbor. And I tried Joomla but I didn’t like it because of the complex system. A few months later, I began to test WordPress on Local Machine (XAMPP and WAMP), and after another few months, I just finished my first website project using WordPress for the company I am working as an employee. The company’s website was already developed by Joomla, but it was NOT looking good for me because I had tried Joomla before and decided NOT to use it after having difficulties to understand its complex system, and the design which was used by the first designer was horrible too. So It was a good opportunity for me to build their website with WordPress. I did it and it worked!

After I become familiar using WordPress,

In 2016 G.C, I launched my first news sharing site “NewsRedirect.com” and got approved by Adsense within 2 weeks, lol. But things were NOT good as expected so I decided to discontinue, but I kept the domain name with me and it is for sale now.

In 2017 G.C, I launched EthioAddressBook.com, my first idea. But things went bad and decided to hold the domain name with me again, for later use. Currently, EthioAddressBook.com is combined with WorldAddressBook.com, but both domains are for sale.

In 2018 G.C I launched Habtam.com a business and lifestyle magazine and as a business development site. I even tried using HABTAM as an eCommerce website. HABTAM was inspired by Entrepreneur Magazine, Amazon and Alibaba. It is active and I am working on it as my main project.

After a few months, I launched EthiopianNews247.com as a news Sharing Website. It is still active so far. But it is for sale.

In 2019 G.C I have launched Mefakiya.com (Mefaqiya.com), the first natural toothbrush online shop in Ethiopia (Mefakiya was my first E-commerce Site after a trial with HABTAM). Mefakiya is for sale now.

After a few weeks, I have launched ShegerStore.com, an eCommerce website. It is for sale now.

After another few weeks, I have launched WorldAddresBook.com, a business and places directory website. It is for sale now.

The reason why I was closing my site was because of the Ethiopian Online Payment System and other issues. Like the Ethiopian people are not ready to use online stuff. This reason made me have a limit on everything. Like I was not able to buy a good hosting package or run an ad on social media.

Currently, in 2019, I am focusing on the HABTAM project.

Thanks for reading, and will be updated soon…