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I am a software developer and beta tester for multiple projects including mobile applications and voice skills.

I am also a member of several advocacy groups, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Internet Defense League (IDL).

I currently reside in Florida with my loving wife and our fur babies.

WordPress Origin Story

I built my first website using WordPress over four years ago and had so much fun that eventually, I chose to pursue web development as a career. While slowly gaining familiarity with C# and PHP, I became proficient with JavaScript and have come to love its many frameworks and libraries.

While my professional specialty is now MERN applications, if not for that enjoyable memory of my first WordPress site, I would likely have never written another line of code. This realization is what has inspired me to give back to the platform whenever I can.

No other community claims such a diverse group of developers, designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and creators, and together I am excited to see where the future will lead!

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