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  • Location: Florida, USA
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  • Job Title: Full-Stack Web Developer
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Web/App Developer, Data Analyst, Beta Tester, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Blogger, Online Security & Privacy Advocate, Ethical Hacker, USAF Veteran


I am a software developer and beta tester for multiple projects including mobile applications and voice skills.

I am also a member of several advocacy groups, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Internet Defense League (IDL).

I currently reside in Florida with my loving wife and our fur babies.

WordPress Origin Story

I built my first website using WordPress over two years ago, and I enjoyed the experience so much I decided to pursue further avenues. After a considerable investment of time and money into both education and experience, I have established my career as a full-stack web developer.

I have become familiar with C# and Python. I am highly proficient with JavaScript, and have come to love the many supported frameworks and libraries like React, Node, and Next. Still, I cannot neglect my roots, for had it not been for the relative ease of setting up that first website with WordPress, I would likely have never written a line of code.

This inspires me to give back to the WordPress platform and the diverse community of developers, designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and entertainers comprising it.

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