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  • Location: Chetlenham Melbourne Victoria Australia
  • Website: https://digitaltreasury.com.au
  • Job Title: Website Designer and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Employer: Digital Treasury
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A website guy who likes helping businesses increase traffic and website conversions to increase revenues. Pretty simple stuff, but super powerful and can make a huge impact on small businesses profits when done correctly.


I love being able to work with businesses to change the way that they communicate to their customers with good website design. I find it very rewarding to have meaniful impact on a companies revenue with increased traffic, increased conversion of browsers to leads and ultimately increased revenues!

WordPress Origin Story

I’d been out of the website development game for a few years when I needed to create a website for my wife’s newly founded medical clinic. I called up a buddy of mine and asked how people build website nowadays and he told me about this amazing free software called Drupal. Intrigued, I busily went about building a new website in Drupal (I’m getting to the WP bit in a minute). After 12 months of pulling my hair out with Drupal, I again called up my buddy and asked if there was anything easier to work with and he mentioned another software called WordPress. Since installing that site I’ve been hooked. Using WordPress on every single web development since. Even starting my own website development company!