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My journey to generate an online income started back in 2012. Successful affiliate marketer and aspiring (online marketing) blogger from South Africa. Spend most my time researching, writing and designing. Because one can never have too much knowledge. From social networking to blogging and YouTube video optimization. I have built up extensive SEO knowledge of both blogging and video SEO.

WordPress Origin Story

My journey started back in 2012 when I received an email with a money making membership. I will never forget the name. Commission Cash Code. But with limited knowledge back then, it sadly didn’t work out for me. What it did do however was start an unquenchable fascination with making money online. And the research begun. I tested and joined more systems and programs than I care to recall. Needless to say, also lost rather miserable amounts of money. Frustrating how you learn that it is still hard work.

Many programs and systems required one to start a website or a blog. With hosting and all the bla, bla, bla. Which scared the crap out of me because I was also rather alarmingly technologically challenged. Had to learn basic computer skills such as copy/paste (true story). But the determination drove me relentlessly. All it meant was a little more work. Which has never killed anyone. If you want something bad enough you will find a way…or make one! Besides if other people can make money online, then so can I.

For a few years I played around with free blogs. On both WordPress and Google Blogger (still have the blogs today). Because hosting and all that technical stuff discouraged me immensely. Can be such a simpleton sometimes because SEO is not all that complicated. Just rather time consuming. Then in 2016 (4 years later) I got featured in an article as one of the top 100 SEO experts to follow on Twitter. At first I thought it was a joke. Could I have learned that much from free blogs?

No, but the research done had opened up an arsenal of knowledge. So I thought it time to step up and it was Game On with WordPress. I then joined a training program called Google Sniper. Where George Brown introduced me to Blue Host and the simplicity of installing WordPress as the site builder. It was all downhill from there, things started gaining momentum rather fast! I enjoyed WordPress and Blue Host so much that I moved all my domains to Blue Host. So I can use the domains to create WordPress Blogs. Love the method and I’m most definitely here to stay.

Today I find what used to be technical rather refreshing. And in the end it’s all about knowledge. Because you never fail online. You simply learn or you earn but, you never fail!

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