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We are as dedicated to practicing WordPress and Website Design as the Ninjas were dedicated to their craft. We have worked with WordPress since the beginning and are excited to bring our expertise and knowledge to your internet needs. Our design team is above reproach and we are ready to help brand your website and message. Click below to read more about our theme and logo design services.

Our team is made up of various types of ninja masters. We specialize in WordPress Design and Development, but we have many other skills as well. Logo design, plugin development, and Search Engine Optimization are a few of our areas of expertise. Dedication to our craft is immeasurable and defeating your internet fears is our life’s work. Visit our site to read more about our team and capabilities.


We love helping the WordPress community and the website owners that are powered by WordPress. If you need help with WP or any of its features then let one of us know and we’ll be glad to help.

WordPress Origin Story

It all started way too long ago in a place of frustration from other CMS platforms I dare not name… then came WP in it’s shining glory to save my wayward existence and help me solve problems for my clients while becoming better at solving problems before they existed. My billable hours may have decreased, but my customer satisfaction and referrals sky rocketed.