Hi my name is Jay here in Amarillo Texas I have an awesome family that really helps me to be an impact in their lives I’m also a technology junkie I like new technologies especially artificial intelligence, I love to travel and visit my family in Louisiana and talk about eat I love to eat a good awesome restaurants in Amarillo Texas also I’d like to make new friends as well that’s pretty much everything about me.


Sports, travel, technology

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Once upon a time, there was a group of athletes who were so competitive that they would do anything to win. They trained tirelessly, pushed themselves to their limits, and even resorted to cheating. But one day, they realized that the true spirit of sportsmanship was not about winning at all costs, but about the camaraderie and respect that comes with playing fair. From that day on, they played with integrity and sportsmanship, and their games became more enjoyable and fulfilling than ever before.

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