A brand evangelist who has worked in the ad agency world for over 30 years. Brand strategy and new digital brand development are the areas I focus on right now. Some brands I worked on, not in any order or preference and not near a complete list: Lorea’l FX (Hair Styling Products), UDV (Jonny Walker, Smirnoff, Stimmorl, Davendorff), Lowenbrau Breweries, Russieka (Vodka), Warner Lambert (Certs), Toyota (Carina E), Bayer, Russell, Rouch Poullen, Pharma News. DM me if you would like to learn more.


Brands, Marketing, WordPress, Developing, Crypto, Philanthropy, Philosophy, Inclusion, Social Innovation.

WordPress Origin Story

A client asked me to make a WordPress site, so my journey began. ((Boring) story (Yawn)).

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