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WordPress Developer. Bible Teacher. Navigator.

Techno Geek Aficionado for Web Savvy Marketing where I keep the technical side of things running for our rapidly growing WordPress development company.

Prior to joining the Web Savvy team I have been a life long professional navigator starting with ocean going cargo ships, then went on to US Navy jets. After changing careers from cargo operations in the maritime industry in 2007 I focused on creating easy to use WordPress websites and training folks, especially churches and ministries, how to use them to effectively attract more people.

In 2011 my wife and I moved to Colorado to attend a Bible college. Purposely Different is where I post thoughts and ideas on spiritual stuff. In addition to my geeky side I am also an ordained minister.

WordPress Origin Story

My hobby got out of hand. I started blogging originally because I wanted to be a writer. I figured if I put it online someone might read it and that was just enough accountability for me to get in the habit of writing regularly.

In the process of fiddling with my own website I found I had an inner geek that I didn’t know was there, which led to helping other folks with their sites.

Eventually it got to the point where I was spending about all my non-working hours in front of the computer. That’s about the time my wife said I needed to figure out a way to get paid for this website stuff or find another hobby because it wasn’t working for her. So I started freelancing WordPress work in 2007 and it quickly became my full time gig.

Working with WordPress full time gave my wife and I the freedom for my wife and I to move across country so we could attend a Bible college. Five years after entering school we moved to Scotland as missionaries. The ability to earn a living developing WordPress sites enabled us to completely realign our lives with our values and step into far more significance and meaning than we’ve ever known.