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  • Job Title: Founder, CEO & Senior Web Developer
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I’m Ravindu Chiranjeewa. I’m the founder & Chairman of eBismaker Digital Solutions | Web Developer | UI/UX Designer | Digital Marketing Expert | Web Server Administrator | Content Creator | E-Commerce Advisor

My main professional field is Web Development. I have also expanded my career as a digital marketing expert. Among them, E-Commerce takes a special place. As an e-Commerce advisor, my mission is to pass on my knowledge to people aspiring to become online entrepreneurs.

In particular, “How do you get into E-Commerce?”, “What do you need to accomplish for it?”, “How do you expand your business into an E-Business?”, “What marketing strategy should you choose?” Etc. I give solutions for those all questions. My blog site already gets around 1 million monthly visitors. I use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, and my own website as my main medium.


Web Development, Digital Marketing

WordPress Origin Story

My first step as a web developer was WordPress because WordPress gave me a basic knowledge of CMS. I still work as a WordPress website developer.


Ravindu Chiranjeewa contributes 60 hours per week to the Core team.