Real hand lettering BC (Before Computers) for headlines, print ads, packaging, posters and signs. Typography from setting little pieces of metal (also BC) to InDesign.
Logos, layouts, all the rest.
Can’t draw worth a stick figure.

Personal: First and foremost, Crayolas. Disneyland, dancing. Modernism, nudism. Black cats (or any other color).

Oh yeah…and ampersands. I created AmperArt (aside from my design business which is as a monthly project to feature “the ampersand as fun & fabulous art.” Check it out if you’re an ampersand fan!

WordPress Origin Story

Put it this way: I built a rather impressive website for my design practice back in the 1990s with Dreamweaver. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted. Was not touched or changed for about 10 years because I dreaded dealing with the terms html, assets and ftp.

Then I discovered WordPress a few years after it was introduced, and after the stigma of “a blogging platform” had vanished.

I still have a hard time with html, css, all that stuff, but thanks to the WP platform and all the incredible theme and plugin developers and forums, I’m able to create websites that aren’t too darn shabby. It’s kind of like setting those little pieces of metal type: sometimes it fits and looks good, sometimes it doesn’t. The challenge is fun (except when there’s a pressing deadline).

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