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Hey there, I’m Canon IJ. I’m a software engineer living in Oregon. I am a fan of technology, web development, and programming. You can read my articles with a click on the button above.

WordPress Origin Story

My initial contact with WordPress was on the summer of 2005, close to 10 years ago. Before that, my personal site and blog was running on a custom built blogging engine I had created for myself.

Back then, WordPress was at version 1.5. Later that year 2.0 was released with a redesigned admin UI. That is when I actually started using WordPress.

Blogging era
From the beginning I created my own theme. I wanted to tinker with everything and was happy to find out WordPress did not prevent that. I created a lot of functionality on top of it, mostly for my personal use. Like a database of books I had read and was going to read.

While working on my day job as a .Net developer, I did some freelancing on the side to build a couple of small sites on WordPress. That made me learn WordPress even better.

WordPress was also used on some trivial projects on my day jobs. Install, customize lightly and forget. Latter one being a bad idea, now that I think of it.

My day job at the time was a lot about creating a custom CMS for a media company and later for a web development company. (At the time, that made some sense. Now it does not.)